Sunday, October 27, 2013

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My hometown Xiamen is a peaceful city in the south of China. It witnessed the precious memories of my childhood and my middle school time, so it has special meaning for me.

There is a beautiful seaside in my hometown, whenever I feel depressed, I will go to the seaside for a walk. By looking at the sea with no boundaries, my mind seems also to be broadened and thus feel that my depression is no big deal. The seaside is always filled with people's joy and laughter, which seems to say:" Hey, don't worry, be happy!" Then I will be influenced to cheer up. I'm also fond of walking on the beach, touching the softness of the sands, as if they whisper a gentle song to comfort me.

There's a small island called Gulangyu in my hometown, which attracts a large number of tourists. Since it was once ruled by the western countries, the architecture is full of European style. The tourists are also impressed by various poetic gardens. They were elaborately designed, with elegant stone bridges and pavilions. The flowers' blossom and the birds' singing also add poetic flavor to the gardens. What's more, many of the shops on the island are decorated in a classical way, filled with retrospective atmosphere. Wandering through these shops, they seem to present old movies, and may remind you of the old days or the past sweet memories.

Besides the peaceful seaside and the poetic island, you may also find contemporary atmosphere by hanging around countless shopping malls, which will definitely dazzle your eyes. I always enjoy hanging out in these places with my friends to seek for relaxation and excitement. Not only loud music, different patterns of clothes that satisfy us, but the mixture of eastern and western delicious food also satisfies our appetite.

Xiamen is like a taste of lollipop for me, full of sweetness. Like many of my middle school friends, I have gone to other cities for my university study. But whenever Xiamen appears on my mind, it will remind me of my sweet memories and a smile will come over my face.



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  1. 1. What did you like best about this essay? Be as specific as possible.
    I didn't know Xiamen, but after I read this essay, it made me want to visit there someday.And, Xiamen sounded very lovely and attractive place because it has seaside, European style garden, and huge shopping mall.

    2. Did the writer describe the place clearly? List any parts that were not clear to you.
    It was very clear.

    3. Did the writer appeal to the different sense? List two sensory details that you especially liked.
    II'm also fond of walking on the beach, touching the softness of the sands.
    Xiamen is like a taste of lollipop for me, full of sweetness.

    4. How would you describe the mood or the atmosphere of this place?
    peaceful, enjoyable, retrospective

    5. Why do you think the writer chose to write about this place?
    Writer wrote about her hometown,Xiamen because it is very memorable place for her
    in terms of beautiful seaside nearby, poetic gardens full of beauiful flowers, and various shopping malls.

    6. How could the writer improve this essay when he or she revises? Make only one suggestion.
    Describing how shopping malls look like might be better.

    -Yeonsoo, Seo-