Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ju Ye-lam/Character Sketch 2nd draft/ Tue 1pm

Ju Ye-lam

                                        My Ex-boyfriend


             He seemed smiling though he was not smiling. He smiled very often so wrinkles made his face smiling. Because of that, he looked very kind and positive person. While talking, he always kept eye contact with me as if he did not want to miss anything that I was saying. He had common brown hair that went with his bronze skin. He was almost always in comfortable sweat suit and was carrying an electronic guitar on his shoulder. He did not stand out except for his heartwarming personality and ability in playing the guitar. He did not like fancy clothes, accessories and did not adorn himself but his thought and inner side were much deeper than any other person. "He is more interested in the inner world than outward look." One teacher who knew him said to me. It was the point that made me fall in love with him.

             When he was my boyfriend, I could feel how mature he was. One day, I was very upset because of him. I wanted to stay with him more but he had to go. I could understand his situation but I just got upset and very disappointed. So I closed my mouth during the time we were together and acted very cool. At first, he did not know what to do as he looked at my eyes and kept patting my back. Then he knew that there was no solution to relieve my feeling and became silent. What I was surprised at that time was his ability to control his feelings. He did not make any mistakes and I got angry. Most people would be upset at my childish action. But he understood my feelings and even consoled me. Then the next time we met he said, "I really understood you and why you acted like that. But your attitude toward confliction was quite wrong. When you feel disappointed with someone, you have to try conversations with that person." I knew that he was not scolding me but advising me sincerely. After that, I could reflect how I had acted when conflicts arose and change my bad habits.

             Even when we were talking about parting, we listened to each other's thoughts and feelings because he had stressed on communication between us. Although he is my ex-boyfriend now, he still remains in my mind because he is the living book to me. Though our relationship is done just as I close a book after reading it, I still remember the feelings and learning from him. He was a really nice boyfriend who I could respect and unforgettable person during my life.

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