Thursday, October 3, 2013

Jinapark/ My observation/ Tue 1p.m

Today is the National foundation Day of Korea but I also have to go to school because I have a class today. When I finished it I went back home by subway.

The person that bothered me in the subway was a girl who wore Adidas shoes. The heel of her shoes were scraped seriously but I thought she did not know that. I wanted to tell her but I was not. The girl was taller than me and with a poker face. The upper part of the body was a coat and the lower part was a back jean. She looks like a high school student.

I continued to observe her but she do not know that. She made a phone call with her friend or boyfriend I thought. "Hey, do you want to go shopping tomorrow after school?" I could not listen but I thought the answer was ok because she said "Ok, we meet at station. Maybe we have to eat dinner then start our shopping, bye."

Then I arrived the station which I must get off. I found her again, she also got off the subway and she was walking in front of me. She walked alone and made a phone again. She might be shy.

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