Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jina Park/blob jump/Tue 1p.m

Everyone has a place that they want to visit. That place may be abroad or in your country. I also have a place where I want to go is Gapyeong, because there has a game I really want to play, it is blob jump.

Maybe there has a little bit people know it, because it is a new game. But I think most people saw an advertisement. Zongsuk Ri's advertisement about the beer named Cass. You could see the game in this advertisement.

It looks very interesting and exciting. I really want to go there with my friends or parents. For the blob jump I have made a plan. It is too cold to play blob jump, so it must be next year. I want to go with my friends, 4or 5 is the best. First day we are going to stay at pension, because if we arrive there, it will be night. And we can have a barbecue party, also do some games or drinking at night.

In the second day, we will go to the blob jump and enjoy it. We can try one by one, also a couple by a couple. We can enjoy flying and it will be so cool in the summer. When a people jump on the sponge, she or he will stay at the end of sponge, and when another people jump on the other end of sponge, she will be catapulted.

After that, we can go to a hot spring to relax and rest up. I very expect this plan and also hope that the summer coming soon, even the winter has not arrived.

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