Saturday, October 5, 2013

Jungha Lee/My observation/TUE 5,6 1PM

Jungha Lee


I went to popular restaurant with my friends on Saturday. There were a lot of people, and some people have to wait for the vacant seat. So we had to get our name on the waiting list. We were sitting besides the terrace of restaurant. Many people were waiting for being called their name or people who didn't stand waiting just passed it. And I saw the two people who look like mother and daughter. The woman who seemed to mother has grey hair and it was short, curly. She was wearing a check patterned shawl around her shoulder and black pants. Also she was wearing glasses with black thick frame. She and her daughter are almost same height. They were pretty normal women regarding to size. The reason I paid attention to them was they were holding their hands tightly. Mother was having a conversation with her daughter and she was smiling. They were coming to the restaurant, but after seeing so many people in line, they just went to somewhere different. Unusual thing about her was the grey hair because her daughter looked so young, so at first I and my friends thought she was grandmother, not mother. But we heard daughter saying "Mom".

I heard just only one comment, "There are too many people in this restaurant, mom." And the mother agreed.


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