Monday, October 7, 2013

yeonsoo seo/ observation/ tuesday 1pm

He was tall and skinny. He was wearing black skinny pants, black dress shirts and black shoes. His shoulder-length hair was tied back with black hat on that covered his eyes. His facial expression was serious but, gentle. When people applauded after appreciating his play, he smiled slightly. He was playing the violin near Chung-gye-chun. He was enjoying playing the violin with his eyes closed. His melody sounds so relaxing and mellifluous. He moved his arm smoothly whenever he swung his fiddle bow up and down. At the same time, he kept the beat by tapping his foot. It looked like his body and violin was becoming one together. Many people passing by chungyechun stopped to hear his music, and they surrounded him making a semicircle. He didn't say anything except when he introduced the title of the music he was playing. As it is not common to see any kind of performance near Chungyechun, he drew all the people's attention there. But, I felt like he was just playing the violin in the crowd because he wanted to make little happiness in people's heart by offering sweet and relaxing music.

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