Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ju Ye-lam/Task 3.2/Tue 1p.m

Ju Ye-lam

             He was playing the drums when I saw him. He was sitting in front of drums and moving his arms and feet freely as he beat the drums. Contrasting his active movement, his facial expression was absent. He had very oriental eyes that were small and long. He had a sharp nose and reddish lips that were tightly closed. There were no feelings like happiness, excitement on his face. But I could know he was excited through his quickening movement. Then he started to open his mouth as he sang to the music. He had short, deep black hair just like a soldier. He was in gray v-neck shirts, black shorts and white sneakers. His fashion was quite simple but he looked great because of his good figure. He was so mysterious because at first sight, he seemed very unfriendly and cold but soon after he also looked very warm and lively. I thought it was because his straight facial expressions. I had not looked people who were doing music with no facial expressions. But although he gave no expressions on his face, I could feel his passion and excitement by his gestures and dynamic playing.

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