Thursday, October 10, 2013

Park Soyoung/ Chracter Sketch 2/ Writing Class 56


Pretty, not just by appearance

My eyes turned towards her as she was sitting across the room. She was dressed in silk. She was wearing white, which gave her a very calm appearance. Her features were strong but very delicate. She had big eyes which would look at you with all the attention she could possibly give you. She was petite and slim but still she portrayed grace and poise. When I looked at her, my heart would feel joy. When people would walk passed her, they would all look twice. It was not that she was not beautiful; it was just that there was something about her presence that made others want to look back and see this girl. She had an aura of peace around her. When I saw her, I felt like actually approaching her and just getting to know who she really was. She looked very special.

   At first, it was not only her looks that had caught my eye, but her gestures. She was so gentle when she would do certain hand gestures. She was at ease and approachable.Actually,  it was nothing like the uncomfortable situation that we are often confronted with when we meet someone new; it was the opposite of actually wanting to get to know her because she just made you very curious of what kind of personality she would have. She looked like she could be a very good friend and listener. I really like those kind of people because it is sometimes often very difficult to find someone that is willing to listen to your story and what you have to say instead of constantly be the one to talk all the time.

   In the end, I did get a chance to actually talk to her so I was very happy I did. She was what I thought she would be. She was very jolly and happy. She had a really nice personality. It was very easy to talk to her and i was not afraid to talk to her. I had a very good time and we ended up talking to each other for longer than we expected to. It ended up being a load of fun! I was really glad that I did approach her and talk to her because it ended up being something good

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