Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lee Seung-Hwan / Task 3.2 / Tue 1p.m


He came in to my eyes very easily because he was really fat. I know the difference between having an imposing appearance and being fat. The man was the latter. He was on the middle of the street in Hong-Dae, where there were so many people walking. Furthermore, the man was small. Also, his clothing didn't fit him. The T-shirt he was wearing looked a bit tight. The heavy green color of that shirt made him look gloomy. He put a white shirt upon that T-shirt, but it was not ironed and messed up with wrinkles. The jean was too spacious. It made his legs look much shorter. I started to compare my height with his height. The man looked a bit shorter than me even though he was wearing thick sneakers. The glasses didn't look very nice on him. His eyes were wet and greasy. His hairs were too long. I couldn't find any positive characteristic from him. Overall, he looked unconfident. He was saying good bye to bunch of girls. That girls were tall and they put on heavy make ups, which didn't seem to be for the man. The girls looked like the man's junior in school. They were thanking the man for buying them dinner. "Nevermind, wish I could buy again for another day!", the man said with a void smile, and after the girls faded away through so many people, the man turned around and looked into his smartphone and also faded away above the street.


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