Saturday, October 5, 2013

Joonseong Je/Observation/Tue 56

I am in a cafe called Bean tree. That is, a local cafe nearest to my home. There is a girl sitting down across from me. She is wearing a black long jacket, gray top, and blue jean. She has dark, wavy hair. Sitting on a white chair, she is leaning awkwardly against the cafe wall. She is alone. There is a Macbook and brown backpack in front of her. In her hands, she is holding her phone and its cover is purple. Despite the loud music from the speakers, I can hear the sound of game she is playing. It is the Marble for Everyone. With her frowning face, I assume the game is not going well as she wants. She looks 20 to 22 year-old. Perhaps she seems to visit here to study or do some homework but she is absorbed in the game instead. The game seems to be over. She held her phone horizontally, now switching to vertically. She is typing now, maybe in some phone messenger? 

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