Sunday, October 6, 2013

Jeong Doyoung/observation/tuesday 1pm

  I was just sitting comfortably in a bench inside the campus when I saw two people in front of me having a chat. One was a foreign professor and the other looked like his student. The professor was a completely bald man and looked like in his forties. He wore a suit but also wore a causal denim shirt inside. There was something eye-catching about him, like some sort of powerful energy flowing about his spirit and I couldn't help staring at him. The professor was talking animatedly using a lot of hand gestures with his thick eyebrows moving up and down. He paused for a moment to look at the student with his piercing, twinkling eyes. He looked deadly serious but then he started to laugh, a cheerful, light-hearted laugh. He fits the exact image of what I always thought of a true scholar and I suddenly wished I could be his student too. Pity his voice was mixed with all the other muffled noises of the street. I couldn't tell anything except he was talking in english. The student nodded his head and then a few seconds later the two split up and went their separate ways. And that is the end of my observation.

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