Monday, October 14, 2013

Lee Jungha/Character Sketch 2nd draft/TUE 56, 1PM


 What figure comes to your mind when you imagine grandmother in fairy tale? I think it will be very similar to my grandmother's appearance. She is 81 years old. Even though my grandmother is a little overweight, she is very stylish, having appropriate dress code. She has curly, short grey hair, but she sometimes dyes her hair. So under the sun, it shines in dark red color like wine. She is also wearing glasses and when she takes a close look through leaflets distributed from grocery stores, she often uses magnifying glass, too. She compares and checks the price of groceries from different stores, calculating what store offers more cheaper one, and then go to shopping.

 When I was young, as my parents both had to go to work, I've been raised by my grandmother most of time. Of course she still inspires me so much, but in childhood, she was my world. And actually, now, my grandparents and I'm living in the same apartment. Their home is 4 floors below from mine. Whenever I visit her, she widely opens her arms and gives me a hug. She always gives me warm smile and stares me with full of love. After hugging me, she always asks me whether I ate meal. This kind of conversation became my daily life.

 Whenever someone asks me who is the most respectable person, my answer is my grandmother. The reason why I respect her so much is not only she is "my" grandmother, but she gives a lot of lesson to learn for my life. When I have troubles with someone from my family, I ask for my grandmother to judge who are to blame. Sure enough, I want her to say the other person is accountable. But she always say "I stand on the right person's side." When I heard this at the very first, it was very disappointing because I thought she would stand on my side. But now I understand. She is fair with anyone.

 She also considers all people around her. Although it's a little thing, she always say "Thank you" to clerks, after we finish shopping or eating in shops or restaurants. And on special national holiday like Choosuk or New Year's Day, she visits lonely and old relatives, giving present and soothing them instead of their son and daughter, even my grandmother is almost same old as them. Then relatives highly praise her. One of them once said "How kind she is! I think she will be the one who comes up to my mind when I'm dying."

 At last, when some guests visit my grandmother's home, she treats them with gracious hospitality. As she is too old to move quickly, she prepares visits 2 to 3 days before. My aunts say "You just have to seat and take a rest. We can prepare to treat the guests. You are the very person who be served." But grandmother doesn't listen.

 I'm sad when comparing pictures between 90's and now, her wrinkles is increased and she became a little stubborn than years ago. But her eyes to stare me have not been changed. I hope she lives more longer life, staying with me long time.


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