Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lee Seung-Hwan / Character Sketch 2nd Draft / Tue 1 p.m class

Unique Luke


His name was Luke. I saw him first when I was 16 years old. It was the first day of my high school. Everybody was nervous, and so was I. All the classmates were strangers to me. Luke was also one of those strangers. Actually, he was an arrogant stranger. His desk was at the very back of the classroom, and he was leaning himself to the chair like a king. His hands were in his pocket. Shiny earphones were stuck in his ears. His mp3 player was a quite expensive one. Looked like he was obsessed with fancy devices. His face expression showed everything about his feelings. He was completely bored. His face was not just a plain bored face. It looked so bored that it was like he came from other world, and not aware of what was happening in our world. Because his face looked like a bit caucasian, that impression was even more emphasized. He had a sharp nose, and his eyes were big and loose, so it gave me a sleepy impression. Also, he was very tall. He seemed to be the tallest among the classmates.

I thought I would never be able to get close with Luke. However, strangely, I became a friend with him very quickly. He was way different than I thought. First, he was quite talky. I thought that he would have very heavy mouth, but the reality was the exact opposite of it. He talked about everything, and most topics he was talking about were so worthless that I usually forgot all of those after few hours. Sometimes he came to me and talked about some classmates he wanted to beat in the face. He said things like, "I want to punch that bastard to the ground." At first, I was completely frightened when he talked like that. Each time I asked the reason why he hated certain classmates, he gave me reasons I could not understand. Those reasons were so trivial. However, soon, I came to realize that there was no serious meaning included within his hatred. He just had a fragile mind, so a single word could make him hate someone so easily. Corresponding to that, he also got back with classmates he hated so quickly, like nothing happened. He actually did not harm any classmates physically.

However, the fact that he did not punch anyone does not mean he had a weak body. Actually, he seemed perfect when it comes to sports. Especially, he was really good at basketball. His grades in the P.E class was the best among us. Nevertheless, he never pulled any punches. He never wanted lose. Whenever I played basketball with him, he never allowed me to shoot a single ball. The problem was, he also never wanted lose in trivial things. I do remember one story. One day, his friend asked him to bet on which one of those could pretend asleep longer during the class. "I will make you want to take back the bet.", he said. Therefore, they both pretended they were asleep in the class. Finally, the teacher scolded them to wake up. The classmate who suggested the bet woke up right after that. However, Luke did not want to wake up till he could be sure of his victory. He woke up a while after the teacher scolded them. He was punished for that, but he just satisfied to the fact that he won, just saying "I won!" However, nobody cared for his glorious victory.

All those characteristics were so different from what I had, but it somehow corresponded well with mine. I still meet him. I actually meet him frequently. Because I am small and he is tall, some people say we look strange. They may wonder how we two hang out together so well, because we just look different. Maybe they got the same impression that I felt from Luke on the first day of my school. Like I did, they might easily presume that Luke and I will never meant to be friends. However, I don't feel any strangeness from him anymore, because I know under the peel of the strangeness, there are so many unexpected characteristics that fit me.

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