Sunday, October 13, 2013


Quentin Blake 




A. Quentin Blake was born in Sidcup, Kent, on 16 December 1932. Even as a child he was "silent, but drew a lot". His first published drawing was for the satirical magazine Punch, at the age of 16.

B. He is best known for his collaboration with Roald Dhal, and for many of us, the iconic illustrations of Quentin Blake were a massive part of our childhood and shaped the very way we see the world.

C. He has started drawing female nudes.


1. He is very passionate, and works tirelessly, despite his age, which is about 80.

2. He likes to be challenged, and has recently worked in a much bigger scale, the territory somewhat unexpected.

3. Not only the process of drawing is mysterious, he is too. He only talks about himself reluctantly.

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  1. Sorry about the title. This is Jeong Doyoung, assignment regarding bio info.