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Homework From March 5-Descriptive Free Writing

2012.03.05 00:00 ~ 2012.03.12 23:59

Write a descriptive paragraph about a teacher you knew or know. Print two copies and bring them to class and upload a copy to EClass here.

Write more than 200 words.


I met my Korean History teacher during my high school years, and she was one of the nicest people that I had ever met. I was one of her favorite students, being one out of the precious few that actually stayed awake and paid attention during class. Other than the personal bond, she was also a remarkable person as a teacher, with a passion for the subject that led me on until the very end of each semester, even despite the lack of interest from other students. With a pointer stick in one hand the other hand on her waist, and the formal suit she always wore, her first impression was pretty scary.

I still remember back then, that when I was struggling with the names of people and dates of events, she would patiently teach them to me and sometimes give me extra hand-outs to do in my free time "if I wanted". Of course, I always pouted at being given more homework like any high school student would and she would simply smile back at me and pat my head. In class, she drilled in information about historic characters like Yeounsan gun with a fury. It was her habit to say "Do you remember? You don't, do you? Don't worry, I didn't expect you to." any time something related to things we learned before.

Our teacher always had a hard time getting students to wake up and listen, so sometimes she would make us close our eyes and meditate, or even sleep outright for 10 minutes before starting class. But on those days, her hawk eyes would catch anyone trying to nod off to sleep, and thwack them on the head with her pointer. Sometimes, she would even throw a piece of chalk at the sleepy student if it was a boy. But every time class ended, she would give us a motherly smile, and asked us to keep up the good work. She was, in my opinion, a great teacher.




  1. Please ignore the first part, it was from another one that I forgot to edit out. :p

  2. she was one of the nicest people that you had ever met and I think you very like her. So you choose to describe your Korean History teacher.
    From Jina Park