Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jina Park/character sketch second draft/Tue 1 p.m

My name is Jina Park. 21 years old. An unwilling and ordinary college student with medium tall. My parent have their own career in Korea, they could not stay with me. So I have to live alone when I was 16 years old, studied at the art school just 5 years ago.

I remembered when I came into my class. I was the second grade junior student of middle school. All my classmates were applauding to welcome me. I was very happy and introduced myself. "Hello everyone, my name is Jina Park. I am major in Sing and Dance. Nice to meet you guys." Then they said to me together. "Welcome to our class!" I felt very warm.

I had many classes every day. Physique, listening music, street dance, solfeggio class……etc. It was very busy but very happy days because I did what I love to do with my lovely friends. We would unhappy because we could not dance very well, laughed loudly because someone was singing wrong a key. We had meals together, played together, cried together. We were like a big family.

In the time of all classmates considered which university of Art they would to go, there had a bad news for me that I had to go to Korea because my parents wanted me to live with them. I really hoped that I could stay here and went to university with my friends but I had no choice and I just could say goodbye to my friends.

It was so sad and let me crazy my father let me learn English. I could not believe it. What was going on? I only learned English for two years.

My new school is HUFS. I came into the first class in this school, it was totally different with the art school. Here did not need you introduce yourself and no one noticed you, there also had no more people say welcome to you. I felt so sad because I was afraid of loneliness, I mean had no friends any more. Every day was a new challenge for me since I came here. So told myself, I had to be strong.

Now, I have been here for a year and a half. Even though there also have lots of things I need to adapt, I do not feel sad any more. I enjoy travel alone, have a meal alone. If I have a chance to know new friends, I will talk to them very happily. Even if there has no one I know, I do not feel lonely any more.

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