Saturday, October 5, 2013

Joonseong Je/Character sketch/Tue 56

His thin and glaring eyes, which make him look somewhat aggressive, remind of a tibetan fox a little bit. His look is very out of date. He always wears running shoes and puts on out-of-date jeans. His poor sense of style is partly because he is a professional soldier, but mostly because, I think, he don't care about fashion. 

Around him, it is common to hear the word, "Gaesaeggi," which is a lot like the words, 'son of a bitch' or 'bastard' in English. Without any hesitation, he says to girls, "You are not pretty."  A lot of people hate him at the first time, but most of them become familiar with him as time passes. Unlike his way to speak, he is rather selfless and never say no to taking on unpleasant tasks. For example, he willingly pays and never complains when others avoid paying. He readily takes his friends to their houses at the opposite direction to his house with his car, even though it is very exhausting sometimes.
We called him Satan or the Devil. It is mainly because of his foul tongue, but it feels rather friendly to us unlikely to the image the words give. There is a joke between us, "The only one who can throw a stone at him is the one who has never been treated to meal by him." With a swearing word, he buys us a meal. This is why it is hard to hate him no matter how he speaks. 

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