Saturday, October 5, 2013

Kim Sumi/Observation/Tue 56

I am sitting in a café. There is a man near me. His hair, laptop and outer is all black. His glasses and V-neck shirt is brown. He is sitting with bent waist and crossed legs, typing furiously on his laptop keyboard. Something does not work well, I suppose? Or he is just concentrating on his work. His facial expression is grave. The man sips black coffee through the straw. He mumbles something to himself but I cannot hear it. His voice is slightly low. He seems around 22 years old. He has puppy-ish eyes. The puppy-ish eyes stare at the monitor through his glasses. He is lost in his thoughts, touching his lower lips with right thumb and forefinger. The man smiles vaguely. Maybe the thing he is working at succeeded a little? I wonder what work of thing he is doing. The man stares at the monitor again, this time with open mouth. His fingers on the laptop are long. He rolled the sleeves up to his elbows. Now and then his eyebrows scowl and relax. The work must be pretty hard.

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