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Park Hyeonbae / Person Observing & Describing 1 / Tue 1-3 p.m.

 Observing & Describing

Park Hyeonbae (200801424)



             Now I'm in a small café near my house. I'm on writing while drinking a cup of coffee. It's early in the morning, and the neighborhood has no big buildings and companies so the café and the street are quite quiet.


           Only a clerk is here, and she seems a little bit busy preparing for daily sales. Her costume is a typical barista costume. She is wearing in black; a black apron, a black shirt, black short pants with black stocking, and black shoes. She is with bobbed hair. Her age is maybe in her late 20's or early 30's. She seems very careful. Her voice is careful too. She is also rather slim. Her face gives some impression of a gentle, meticulous but not so speedy, and kind woman.


           The entire impression from her is careful. When I ordered a cup of café latte, her voice was a little bit small too. And when she brought coffee to my seat, I noticed that she was caring about putting the cup in front of me.


           Any noticeable land mark nearby is just a high school and the neighborhood is just a residential area and it's just morning, so there's no further customers by now excepting me; I can't find any further reacting or saying from her, but, still she is busy with something. She is handling with a coffee machine; she wipes the machine, takes steam out from it, arranges dishes and cleans up the area.


          Finally a customer came up. He is a student. He said today was a test day, so the school ended early. He is with his crutches. He seems to get an injury before. He was struggling with his backpack to pull his purse. Then she came to him and helped him put down his backpack. He said thanks and she said you're welcome, adding some greetings.


"What brought you here so early in this morning?"

 "From the last week we are taking tests, so the school ended early."

 "Recently I saw the students going around early in the morning, and that was the reason!"


         As I mentioned and I expected, she is very kind. The student customer and the kind clerk seem rather familiar with each other; they continued some conversation.


         The student customer is wearing glasses and his school uniform. He is also one of the typical Korean students.


         After a short conversation, he went to a toilet. While he's out of his place, she made a cup of Americano and brought it to his place.

 When he came to his place again, then she went to the toilet. And he quickly emptied his cup of Americano while she's leaving. Then he was waiting for her to pay the price. She appeared again, and the student customer gave the money and left the café.


           Actually, I considered very much about where to go. Maybe I could go to another café in a busy avenue. But I didn't want to be in a noisy and distracted place. However, at the same time, I failed to choose a proper seat, because I couldn't observe her enough to fully describe what she was doing and how she looks. Also, if I changed my place to have a good view of her, it must be very awkward in the small space without any other customer!


 Now I hear some clinking sounds from coffee beans. Maybe she is preparing some beans. Also I smells good flavor of coffee. Good things of a small café must be like this. Anyway, I saw her cleaning up the whole store, preparing coffee, and also heard what she was doing. Now it gets to seem very strange in my writing, it's very, you know, it's like a stalker! If it wasn't for the small space and few customers, I think the situation could be more natural and NORMAL.


          And, anyway, the coffee of this store is very good.

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