Thursday, October 17, 2013

So Young Park/ Task 4/ Writing Class

      Let Me be Me


      As  soon as you take a step out of the car, you are able to feel it within your body. It may automatically be recognizable    with the smell of this. The saltiness is very clearly recognized and you can feel the difference in the air. The air seems to     be  more humid than usual and you can feel it on your skin. It feels very sticky. You know that this is one of the signs that tells you   that you have finally arrived. Wanna try to guess what it is? Well, before you do, let me give you a few more details so    that you  may be able to get a clear picture. You hear a strong crashing of waves against each other. Sometimes, it can be  very violent  but other times it is very steady. Imagine that two little boys are playing wrestle. Most times, this is what it feels      like; very genuine but nice to watch because you know that no will be hurt since it is a gentle at times but rough at other.  The view from where I stand is truly amazing. You can see how wide this place is. It feels as if I have so much more freedom        looking out at this view,   instead of being stuck in the city life. You might already have guessed, but my place is the ocean.

           When I was young, our family had lived in tropical countries. They were the Dominican Republic and Mexico.            

Both of these places  have got amazing beaches and views. Going to the beach amd speding time alone just looking at the  vast ocean made my heart feel at peace. There was nothing else but the sound of waves crashing aganst each other as if    they were playing tug of war, the birds flying and singing to their melody, the warmth of the sand being heated from the sun,   the taste and smell of the salt as the wind blew in the saltiness from the lake, and just the calm, relaxing aura that this           

place     brought. I have always called these places my so called "comfort zome". I am able to clearly think and look back upon my life and actually  focus on my thoughts without being distracted from the crazy city life. At times, I enjoy just having      some time for myself therefore I would have to say that the ocean is a very special place for me. It feels as if I can tell her     anything and she will just be there    for me just to listen to what I have to say. I guess at times in life we just need to let go of our burdens in some way that they will be totally released and we will be able to take another step into life without too much  burden in our heart.

             Also, one of the reasons which why I really like this place is because I love the feeling of my toes in the warm sand.  It  brings a calming effect on me which makes me be relaxed and not worry about anything. The ocean just does that to me.  It  makes me be consumed by its greatness that I do not have to worry about anything and just see what I have in front of     me and enjoy it. Therefore, the ocean is place where I can call home because I know that no matter how many times I do go back. It will remain the same.


  1. -I thing you choose to write about this place because you love the feeling of your toes in the warm sand. And it brings a calming effect on you which makes you be relaxed and not worry about anything.
    From Jina Park

  2. Hi, Soyoung^.^
    I really like your introduction describing the ocean. As reading that part, I could clearly drew the ocean in my mind by expressions such as saltness, stick and crashing of waves. But, I could not understand what 'two little boys are playing wrestle' were explaining. Among your expressions appealing to senses, I especially like 'saltness' and 'crashing'. I could feel the calm and peacefulness from your special place. I think your choose this place because in that place, you could think quietly getting out from busy, nosiy city. I guess you felt comfortable and enjoyed the time you were there. But If you add more sensory details to other parts except the introduction it will be more interesting to read and give me the more vividness. Great job!>,<
    by Ju Ye-lam