Saturday, October 5, 2013

Simmy/ Character Sketch/ Tue. 1pm

Angela was my precious friend in high school. She cut her hair short, which was like a boy. And she wore a pair of heavy glasses because of her serious shortsightedness. She had thick lips, which moved up and down quickly when she talked. Angela was an excellent student and she was really talkative.

Angela was the apple of the teachers' eyes because of her excellent grades. I thought it was mostly due to her high efficiency. In limited time she always did more and even twice of the homework than the others. Sometimes I doubted that she was a machine instead of a person. She wrote unbelievably fast; on the other hand, whenever doing the homework, she was always able to 100% concentrate on the study and ignore everything around her.

Everybody knew that she took great enthusiasm in her study. However it could also become a headache. Whenever her grades were not the top three in class, she cried out loud like a helpless child in front of the classmates, and kept wiping her tears with her two little hands. In that situation we always went to comfort her. But the more we comforted, the more loudly she cried. So we were really afraid to hear her crying.

Besides her enthusiasm about her study, her talkative personality also impressed us much. We always heard her loud voice before seeing her. Her hoarse voice was quickly identified. Whenever she began to talk, she could hardly stop. And the speed was so fast it seemed that I heard the soldiers continue shooting their gun in the war. But some of her words were indeed useful to me. "Smile because it happened." She once said to me. I felt thankful for her because her positive attitude towards life also conveyed positive energy to me.

Many classmates thought that Angela was too strict about herself. But I think it was a crucial reason for her excellence. She was important to me because I was used to hearing her suggestions about my study and life. Now we are apart by going to different universities, however our friendship will never fade away. 


  1. 1. your friend angela is very strict to herself but at the same time, she is energetic person who conveys positive energy to friends around her.
    2. Reason I thought so is because first, she did more than twice of the homework than others. second, she cried out loud when she didn't get into top three in class. thirdly, she talked so fast that it was like soldiers continuing shotting their gun in the war.
    3. she has short hair like a boy's, and wears heavy eyeglasses.
    she said once "smile becuse it happened."
    she studied way harder than others, and expressed her opinons very well too.
    5. I think writer want to cherish friendship with angela because angela gave good advice about study and life to writer., and thats why writer described angela.

    -yeonsoo seo

  2. 1. Angela seems to be a very independent and perfectionist type of person.

    2. You can tell this in some places in the writing such as:
    "In limited time she did twice the more..."
    Also, "she was able to concentrate 100% on her homework."
    And " she had thick rimmed glasses."
    3. Most of them seemed to be there.
    5. I think that this person decided to writw about this classmate because she really did admire the fact that this student was so diligent in her work.
    6.were you able to get in contact with your friend again?
    Do you think she has changed since you last saw her.
    By-soyoung park