Sunday, October 6, 2013

So young Park Writing Class 56

    I was at a buffet restaurant. There was this girl that was sitting across from me. When I saw her, she did not look any different from the other people around her. She was very thin, with medium length hair, dark brown eyes, a small face, and just normal features. I did not really notice any big difference until    she stood up and started walking. She had a limp when she was walking. I could not really determine what was really wrong but she did look a bit uncomrfortable as she was walking. Even though there was nothing in particular when she was sitting down, as she stood up and started walking you could tell that she was a bit different. Even though she had a limp when she walked, she had a bright smile on her      face. This made my heart feel jolly for her because it felt that when you looked at her face, she was       always smiling.

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