Saturday, October 12, 2013

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Park Geun-hye : Her Excellency


President Park was born on February 2nd, 1952 in Samdeok-dong of Jung-gu, Daegu. Her father was the late president Park Chung-hee and his wife Yuk Young-soo. Her family moved to Seoul in 1953 where she attended school there and gradated Sogang University in 1974. She also briefly studied in France at the University of Gremoble, but left after the death of her mother.


While her father was the acting president, Park Geun-hye was regarded as the first lady after her mother passed away. Due to her father being  assassinated by Kim Jae-gyu, she stepped down and started her career as an assemblywoman, the GNP chairwoman, becoming the head of the Saenuri Party, and later becoming Korea's first woman president. All her political influences and family ties, along with her actions is what made her famous throughout her life.


What I was most surprised about her was the remarks about her fashion. Apparently her hairstyle was exactly the same as her late mother's, as well as her clothing. Whenever she would go to a public place, she would have different clothes for each event. During her inauguration, she had different clothes, as well as the Korean traditional clothing hanbok. Some even commented that she was going overboard with it, even though I had never realized it was so.


If I were to express our current president in three words, I would say "persistent, daring, and feminine."

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