Saturday, November 2, 2013

Jina Park/task 5.2/ Tue 1 p.m

I interviewed my friend. Her name is Marry who has a pair of big eyes. It was a interview about now and future.
The longest answer I got was the question about her future plans. And she told me she want to go overseas study in 1 year because she want to improve her English. When she come back she will do her best to finish the university. Then she have to look a work with high salary and can go aboard often.
The shortest answer I got was the question about marriage. She said that she have no plan about marriage and I think she didn't interest in this question.
The question led the most interesting response when I asked "Do you like babies?" She said "Yes." I asked then "Do you want to have a baby or babies?" and she also said she want. But she said she didn't want to marriage and I said to her. "But you answered me you didn't want to marrige, then how can you get a baby or babies?" Then she laughed.
After the interview I think that I also need to have a plan about my future.

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