Monday, November 11, 2013

Jina Park/ Tue 1p.m

She faces a little round, single fold. Her name is Marry. I interviewed her as a friend. She looked a little bit nervous, but she answered me very clearly and she was interested about my interview.


She is 21 years old and very independent. She wants to get the graduation quickly to have a good salary job and she want to live alone without her family. Because she really wants to stand alone and she said she doesn't want to be the burden of her parents.


It absolutely doesn't mean she want to marry. She thinks that if she has enough money or you happy enough she absolutely will not marry a guy. She just wants to enjoy the feeling of love and doesn't want to feel marriage restraint.


Of course, she doesn't want to marry. But the interesting thing was she love babies and wants to have one. It let me laughed a lot. She had told me that she didn't want to marry. Then how could she get a baby? She is a contradiction.


It was an interesting time to interview her. And I felt that today, there was not every woman wants to marry a guy like past. May be they are happy enough without a husband, a family. It also made me surprised.

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