Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lee Jungha/Task 5.2/Tue 1pm


I interviewed my aunt. She is preparing for getting certificated for social worker, a job for welfare of many people, especially youth, the elderly, women, children whom under the difficult situation. For getting certificated, she had to do field training for 4 weeks. So she worked in a day care center in September. So I asked about process for certificate and the experience she went through.

5-1. What did you learn about interviewing?

I learned what she thought about welfare and what people should do for certificate. I also learned circumstances of welfare facilities and what she did in day care center.

5-2. What question got the longest answer? Why?

When I asked her which kid was the most impressive on her memory, her answer was pretty long. She said two kids attracted her attention. She described their appearances and recollected a baseball player whose appearance is similar to one of the kids. Also she told some episodes with them and what behavior of kids attracted her attention. This question led to a long answer because it can be expanded to many other elements of experience.

5-3. What question got the shortest answer? Why?

When I asked her what subjects she had to study for certification, her answer was relatively short. I think the answer was limited because she only had to list subject titles and she didn't think it's an important question in the whole interview.

5-4. What question led to the most interesting response? Why?

As above, "Which kid did impress on your memory the most?" was led to the most interesting response. Because I heard many interesting stories about their behavior such as blocking friends from picking up his snack or treating a dinosaur shaped doll as his real friend all day long. And when she answered, she imitated their babbling and gestures. It was really interesting.


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