Monday, November 4, 2013

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I interviewed my close friend whose name is David. I knew him at college two years ago, so I don’t know much about his childhood life. So, I interviewed him about how his childhood was like. When I asked him about his childhood, he told me several episodes remembering how he was silly and foolish but innocent.

The longest answer that I got was his childhood in the church. He smiled himself as he said he was such a pure and innocent boy.

“Usually, kids thought of their toys as their friends when they were little, but in my case it was a blanket.”

His first memory of child hood was spent in church where my father was a preached.

“I always carried long blanket because it made me warm and I just liked it”

One day, he walked with that blanket into bible class with his brothers. When they taunted me for bringing blanket, he left there and went by furnace which was warm.

“Here is funny part. My blanket was caught on fire and everyone stumped on fire. After that, I found only tiny piece of my blanket…..”

He thought of his blanket as his friend, so he said he carried that blanket everyday even after the size of blanket got small.

The shortest answer that I got was his day he spent after school. He said he often rode a bike with his friend, Chris, who lived next door.

“One day, we wanted to ride a bike in the opposite way of our home”

He said, suddenly it started to drizzle, but his friend, Chris said to go further a little bit more.

After that, it started to pull down rain, and the sound of the rumble of thunder was getting louder.

“We were so scared that we worked a pedal like a shot bolt. As soon as we got home, we even didn’t say goodbye to each other and went inside home. That day was crazy.”

When he told this episode, his eyes got bigger, and his voice tone also got high saying he was really scared that day as a kid.

The interesting response was when I asked him who gave him motivation or inspiration when he was little because I didn’t know he was so passionate about art.

“It was definitely my brother. He was such a talented at art. He always encouraged me to keep putting effort in art. I often just started at him while he was making some artwork”

He looked very proud of his brother, and I told him that I want to see his brother’s artwork someday.


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