Monday, November 11, 2013

Simmy/ Interview/ Tue 1pm

One of my Korean friends has lived in Argentina for a long time, so I'm curious that whether women's social position in Korea is different from Argentina or not.

We met in a cafe and I asked her opinion about the women's social position in both countries.

Ignoring the noise around us, my friend was lost in thought:" Well, in Korea, women are supposed to be at home and take care of the family. Although nowadays many people has changed this kind of traditional thought, but it still exists. On the contrary, women in Argentina have more freedom. I mean, they just seek for whatever job they want. Ah, there's one point I'd like to mention about. In Korea, or in some other Asian countries, women have to get married when they come to the certain age, right?"

I was a little bit confused:" Don't women in Argentina also marry when they are at their 30's?"

My friend giggled and showed her agreement with a nod:" Yeah, but the situation is not that serious. There are women just having their career in their life without marriages."

My friend also told me that in Korea, people seemed to judge women in a certain prototype. For instance, they thought Korean women should be innocent, cute etc. But in Argentina, there was no right and wrong about what the women should be. Her frank speaking made me feel that women in Argentina own a rather free lifestyle.

My friend drank the coffee, tapping the table as if in that way she would be able to get the idea:" In Korea, women care a lot about the image."

I showed my agreement:" Yeah, I have heard that most of the Korean women go to do the plastic surgery. Do women in Argentina also have this tendency?"

She answered:" Actually it's not that serious in Argentina." She gave me the example that in a job interview, Korean people would take women's ability into consideration, but their appearance and age were the vital elements. While in Argentina, they almost only concerned about the women's ability.

By chatting with my friend, I came to learn more about the facts of women's social position in Korea and Argentina. Personally I think both countries have their own pros and cons. And I'm also interested in interviewing more people to get further information. 

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