Monday, November 11, 2013

Park So Young/ Interview essay / Tues 5-6

 "It just isn't the same anymore." Mama said.

        As I was deciding on whom I should interview, I had decided that I should interview my mother. Her experience from her younger years was much more different from the world we live in today. We often do hear many stories of how people who are older experienced many different things. It was not any different from my mom.
        She had been born into a very poor family at the time. Her parents had raised her to grow as a string woman, but it did become a bit difficult for her to do so because she was very weak at a young age. They lived in Kang-wondo and they did not have much to eat. Their style of living was much more different. "We could not afford to buy any type of candy or junk food, so we just had to chew on the sweet potato peels and corn that we sometimes got. It was very difficult and we were not fed as well and healthy as kids today get to eat." said mom. Living a life back then was not whatsoever easy therefore they had to learn to adjust to the way of living which was not the best.
         Another main difference was the way the dress code was for school. The school uniform, school supplies, etc.. were not the same. It was very difficult for them to buy supplies because they did not have the money to buy the things that they needed. Also, momma said, "the uniforms back then were very modest. For the girls they had to wear a black skirt uniform that reached the knees and a blouse that had a white collar and long arms." As she was telling me about these things, it was interesting to hear how she thought it was so strange and odd to see how much society has changed and how short and tight the uniforms for girls have become.
        In addition, one of the biggest things was the whole issue of respect to the elders. My mother told me this very interesting story. She had said the following. "When I was growing up, our table for eating was separate from my father's table. We had to set up double side dishes. Also my father was very strict on everything being set up the way it was supposed to. If the spoon was even the littlest bit dirty, he would make us set the table again. Also, we could not start eating until my father had picked up the spoon and started eating first. Things have changed so much since then when you see the way children act towards their parents." It was so interesting to hear this. It actually made me think about and imagine how it would have been to live in that time.
         We were able to talk about many things such as the way of casual dressing, the way they met each other, dating, buying things, technology, amongst other things where I was able to really compare it to what I am living in. Through this interview I was able to realize many things. We can see how our generation has developed not only as people but as cultures. Our culture seems to be changing more and more as the years go by but I think that it would be good to look back once in a while to remember what it really used to be like.

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