Monday, November 4, 2013

Park So Young/ Tuesday 56 Class/ 10 minutes of Interview

    I interviewed one of my tutoring students who had live in Mexico from when she was 2 years old until she was 12 when she actually came to Korea. The questions that I mainly focused on were based on how she feels about Korea and what things were difficult for her and what things she liked.
What did you learn about interviewing?
   I thought it was very interesting to listen to what the interviewer had to say. Everyone has a different opinion on what they think of certain situations and experiences so it felt different to hear what they were telling me about the questions that were being asked. It was not as difficult as I thought it would be with the person that I interviewed because she was able to clearly  express what was on her mind and her opinion and thoughts on each question that was asked.
What question got the longest answer? Why?
    I had asked the question of " What was the most hardest thing after coming to Korea?." The question was asked and she clearly replied by saying " The most difficult thing for me after i came to Korea was the studies in school and the culture." Then she moved on to explain why these things were difficult. Such examples as math were much more difficult for her to study since there was much more that she needed to know in order to learn. It was a very interesting answer that I heard because since she had lived in a foreign country for a long time, she was obviously not used to the culture in which she was faced.
What question got the shortest answer? Why?
   The shortest answer that i got from my student was when i had asked her " Would you live here in Korea for the rest of your life, or would you move to another country?." Her answer was brief and short." Yes" which meant she would move to another country. She said that she really did not enjoy it living here so she would like to travel around the world which is something she has always wanted to do.
 What question led to the most interesting response? Why?
    A question about how important manners are in Korea was asked. The answer was nothing from what I had expected to hear. She said the following, " In Mexico, manners are more easier than in Korea. For example, in Korea, the respect for older people in very important, but in Mexico, people are more laid back. One of the things that I really do not understand was when an elder had not shown respect towards me but had criticized my parents about the way I was taught to do things or that sometimes some people say such things like" Kids these days don't have the same manners."

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