Thursday, November 28, 2013

Park So Young/ Improved samples/ Tuesday 56

 1.She had been born into a very poor family at the time. 
       _> Her family had to live off of small bite size potatoes, corn, and few crops that were in the small yet suitable
area that they lived near to.
2. Their style of living was much more different.
     _> They lived off a daily survival by having just enough food for them to eat each day.
3. For the girls they had to wear a black skirt uniform that reached the knees and a blouse that had a white collar and long arms.
   _>The dresscode was very strict for the girls. They wore an a-shaped black plain boring skirt that touched the knees. The blouse was very simple and clean.
4.Also, we could not start eating until my father had picked up the spoon and started eating first.
   _> There was a specific order in which we would be able to place anything into our mouths. My father had to check that everything was tidy and looking shiny before he picked up his gold designed spoon. The moment one of us chidren unintentionally picked up a spoon before her did, he would flip the whole set up table over and ask us to re-do everything on the correct order just like he wanted.
5.  Our culture seems to be changing more and more as the years go by
     _> We can see the drastic changes from how long a skirt should be to how short does your hair have to be. These are changes that this recent generation is facing and will face furthermore as each year passes and more so called trends move into place.

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