Monday, November 25, 2013

Wonpil Lee/ Improved language samples/ Tue 1pm

1. She had a strong mind, so she smiled even at her painful life.

- Her great willpower did not crumble away in spite of her painful life.

2. I believed those sweet words as you did.

- Those intriguing catch-phrases readily piqued my naive curiosity.

3. There were several wooden standing tables, and people were eating and drinking there.

- Five to six village people were eating pie and croissant respectively at wooden standing tables.

4. I became a regular customer of the bakery. When I felt like eating Apfelstrudel and drinking strong coffee, I went to the bakery.

- I visited the bakery twice a week, because I addicted their Apfelstrudel and German-style coffee.

5. They accepted my knowledge after we were familiar with each other.

- It was not until we became intimate that they started to listen to my explanation.

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