Monday, November 4, 2013

Park Hyeonbae / Interview Practice / Tue. 1-3 p.m.

 Interview Practice

Interview on My Friend

200801424 Park Hyeonbae


I considered carefully whom to interview, because there were few persons whom I could ask for interviewing around me. It was hard to arrange the time to interview my friend because the time we both could match was very confined. Anyway, I and my friend could finally start the interview. We met in a café. It was long time no see.


We started the conversation with some general talks about the recent condition of each other. Then I moved to the interview, with representing my appreciation for attending the interview to my friend. He was a little bit curious about and interested in the interview. I started to ask some questions.


First, I prepared the subject to be career, so I asked him to tell me about the recent career or job. He said that he was working on his university as a scholarship student who worked for the university. At the same time, he was also teaching some middle school students; actually, his major is Korean language education. I thought he was managing things very well. In fact, according to his additional information, he was an after-school instructor in a middle school. I wondered how he could get the position, so I asked. Then he answered me that there was a program helping the educational connections between colleague students and middle schools, by Samsung. So he applied to the program, and he was accepted after an examination and an interview. He said it was a kind of a voluntary activity, but he would get paid either. He added a comment that he was lucky because he didn't have to suffer from money problems thanks to the jobs he was doing. He said he could concentrate on his study. I congratulated him on his well-flowing business.


Then I asked what things he was preparing for his future. He, who is majoring in Korean language education, wanted to be a formal teacher. So he planned for that. After this semester, he will pour all his effort into a teacher certification test. He said it might be as long as 2 years, to get through the test because it's very hard. Actually, he was saving his money for the period of the preparation for the test, to concentrate on all about the test, intending even not to do any job for the money. His determined decision was rather impressive to me. To add additional information about him, the finance of his family is not good. Also he loves his family a lot. So he's struggling for his family. I think there are few people who are honest and sincere like him nowadays.


After the interview, we continued the conversation more, and had a dinner. It was very good time to see my friend who I couldn't meet often, and to hear the good news from him. I wholeheartedly hope that his wish come true and his life keep going smoothly like this moment.

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