Monday, November 4, 2013

Wonpil Lee/ Task 5.2 at p. 148/ Tue 1 pm

5. Freewriting: I interviewed my cousin who became recently a college lector.

What did you learn about interviewing?

- I learned that the comfortable atmosphere is very important for efficient interview. If the interviewee feel stressful, he or she won't tell anything meaningful and valuable. Then the interview will be a useless thing.

What question got the longest answer? Why?

- How about your work? This question got the longest answer because she is a rookie and thus, has a lot to talk about. Perhaps she thinks these days a lot about her new job.

What question got the shortest answer? Why?

- When I asked the interviewee why she decided to work in teaching area, she gives me the shortest answer. Because she did not predict that she will teach in a college, she did not have so many to say.

What question led to the most interesting response? Why?

- What kind of student do you like? She, a rookie, does not like smart students who have already a lot of knowledge about the subject of her lecture. She thinks it could be dangerous because they may not accept her new idea. She prefers students who have no special idea about the subject she teaches. My cousin asks her students to be curious enough to accept new ideas.

6. Discussion

What things will you try to do when you interview someone more formally?

- I'd like to prepare more thoroughly next time in order to get more meaningful results.

What will you try to avoid doing?

- This time my interview was too informal and too private. It turned to a private conversation eventually. I'd like to avoid such a situation.

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