Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lee Seung Hwan / Exercise 2 on page 11 / Tue 1 p.m class

I think as they attend universities, many people write way more than they used to. I don't know if this phenomenon is only for Korea, but as a Korean, the density of writing experience is concentrated to those times I spent in the university. When I was a high school student, I did not have many opportunities to write, because the education hardly focused on teaching writing skills. The school just wanted me to acquire skills of choosing a right answer from already-given choices. Therefore, when I started writing a lot as I became an university student, honestly, I struggled a lot. To me, writing was actually like creating something from nothing. As I have continued writing, I struggle a bit less nowadays, but I'm still struggling.

However, It was not like that I hated writing. Even though I struggled, I usually liked to write. Especially when it comes to writing for my own pleasure, writing became my best friend. For example, I sometimes write some lyrics for my hobby. Actually writing lyrics or poems are very tricky even though I write those in my native language. As I write lyrics, I have to consider rhymes, rhythms, and most importantly, word choices. I had to find will-refined, eye-catching, attractive, simple words for my writing. Sometimes I failed to find proper words. Sometimes I succeeded, and that made me really happy. To sum it up,, no matter of the trickiness of the writing I'm working with, if it was for my own pleasure, I enjoyed that writing.

Unfortunately, many writings I had to deal with like assignments were not for only my own pleasure. Sometimes I had to write with topics I was not really interested in. Occasionally, there were some professors who enforced his or her own personal thoughts to students. For example, I once took a politic lecture when I was a freshman. The professor was extremely biased with his political opinion, and the writing assignment he gave to me was writing about his favorite politician. In that case, I could not blame that politician in my writing even though I actually want to, because it was so obvious that would affect my score. Unfortunately, I didn't like that politician who I had to praise in my assignment. That writing was exactly against my own pleasure, so that became the worst experience of writing.

I think my previous writing experience is quite shallow yet. I just have not written enough. As I write more and more, I would get skills and maybe, my thoughts about writing will change in much positive way. I wish I can get more acquainted with it so that I can think every moment of writing is meaningful.


  1. Hi, Seunghwan.

    I have similar experience with a professor who has a political bias. I had to write something wrong. I want to forget this annoying memory.

    And I want to listen to your lyrics someday.

    Wonpil Lee

  2. The forced writing experience must have been unbearable to you. But you seem to have some other cure of your own writing methods with lyrics or poems!

    Hyeonbae Park