Saturday, September 14, 2013

English Intermediate Writing (2) 56 a wonderful writing

Writing can be considered to be something tricky but at the same time easy. It all depends on what you are writing, how you are writing it, and who is it for. In my case, writing has become.something in which i can freely express.myself.when i dont have any words to say. When it comes to writing in my first language which is korean, i would say it is more difficult. I lived most of my life outside of.korea so it becomes a bit.more to write in Korean since i don't know many difficult words in korean. Writing in English would be a lot easier for me. I i can freely express what i have to say as opposed to.korean where i can't freely express myself.because the lack of.knowledge of.the usage of certain words. I think it is very important to clearly communicate what you have in.mind in order that people.may understand what you are trying to say.
In addition, i tend to prefer writing to family, friends, people i know because when i write for an assignment, there are many strict rules that are set and that i need tofollow in order to accomplish the assignment i have been given. Writing to people you know freely gives us the choice to write what we want and what we wish to say to the person we are writing to. I find it more difficult to write assignments. Assignments are so tricky. There are so many expectations that it sometimes makes it hard to determine what the professor is expecting and what we should say.
Still, when i am given an assignment i try to do my best to do what the professor says and olease them because in order to turn in something that is suitable we need to know its right. Therefore, i try to please the teacher more than trying to please myself in order to do what is given.
In conclusion, there are many factors in which the way a person writes affects the way the message is delivered to the person who is reading it. May it be a friend, professor, or whoever is reading the piece of writing.


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  2. I agree that assignments are tricky. I envy you that you have a lot of experiences in other countries.

  3. We can help each other..^0^
    By Ju Yelam