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Ju Yelam/Past experiences with writing/Tuesday, September 17, 5&6




Ju Yelam

1. How do you feel about writing in your first language compared to writing in English?

           There are similarities both English and Korean writings. First, both writings require me to think diverse, creative materials that I will write about. Secondly, I have to describe clearly what I think in a logical way for readers to understand it easily. Third, it gives something interesting to readers and I have a thought that I have to make it attractive. Although used languages are different, the activity, writing is same. Thus English and Korean writing have common areas. But two languages are very different in expressing users' thought. I am more familiar with my first language, Korean than English. So when I write in Korean, I usually write something without many troubles. First, when I write in Korean, I can easily come up with what are the best expressions in this context. But when I write in English, I always have trouble in thinking about what are well-used and proper expressions.


2. Describe how writing was taught in your previous schooling by answering some or all of these questions.

           I was taught in Introduction to English Writing (1), (2) before. In those classes, I write one completed writing once a week. Topics I write about were very diverse from 'what kind of improvement that HUFS needs' to comparing writhing, 'house that I want to live in and house that I live in now'. Those class teachers give me many comments on my writing regarding unclear ideas, awkward ideas and grammar errors. They consider the thoughts that I write and the way I describe the topic more than just grammar or spelling errors.


3.  When you are writing a paper for a class, do you try to please yourself or the teacher? Explain.

           I am very stressful when I start to write in English because I am not good at it. Though that symptom is better than the past now, I still have uncomfortable feeling when I sit down in front of pc. But I now try to think that I am a student so I have no problem in failing. Though I am not a perfect writer, I want to give interesting, helpful contents to my readers. When I think in those ways, I am more eased before and have comfortable mind in writing.

             The teacher is also one of my readers of writing. Just like any other readers, teacher who I give some contents has to feel interested so he want to read my writing and feel impressed after reading it. So I always try to make my writing is written in an attractive way and to write something clearly, well-organized and logically. I can please my readers including me, the teacher when I write considering that kinds of factors.  





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