Saturday, September 14, 2013

Joonseong Je/Writing experiences/Tuesday 56

I enjoyed writing in Korean, my first language. I often wrote posts on blog or twitter about what happen to me. However, I used to lose confidence when I wrote in English. I was afraid of using wrong words or phrases, especially when I was doing English writing assignments. I always wondered if I did writing correctly or which words or phrases I should use, making me feel tired of writing.

In high school, I hardly got a chance to write in English. In my English class, I was forced to learn English grammar and memorize English words and phrases. I just wrote once for a home assignment, but it was very, very frustrating. When I went on to university, I got many chances to write for classes. As home assignments, I wrote some essays like what was going around me or what was my goal in my life. I used to point out my faults when I used some awkward expressions or when I made grammatical mistakes.

A year ago, I went to Nashville for studying country music. In Nashville, I rarely met any Asian people, so I used only English to speak or write. I made a lot of musician friends. Some of the friends texted every night and I enjoyed texting with them. I also used to write some posts on an online music community, Gearsultz. Living there for a half of the last year, I had a lot of opportunity to express myself in English. It was amazing that I never felt any fear of writing in English. It was because, I thought, they understood me even though I made some grammatical mistakes or some wrong word choices. It made me feel much better to express myself in English. It was a real lesson on a very far away country.     


  1. Interesting that you went abroad to study music.
    That must have been quite an experience.

    -Jung Doyoung

  2. You have both terrible and terrific experiences about English writing! That's great!

    Hyeonbae Park