Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jung Doyoung/exercise 2/Tues 56

- Describe how writing was taught in your previous schooling. 


  When I was in my third grade I had a teacher who assigned a homework to write a diary everyday. There was no given topic and we could write whatever we liked. I usually wrote about interesting events of the day. When nothing particular happened I would write about anything that crossed my mind such as how cross my sister was to me or how cute our dog is . And my teacher would write most sincere comments, sometimes a word of advice such as ' Try putting yourself in your sister's shoes' or mere admiration such as 'I would like to see your dog myself.', and ' It's nice to see your writing improving.' She seemed to value close connection with her students by reading their journals. I also have rather enjoyed doing homework because it felt like writing a blog with friendly comments to read. I thank my teacher for encouraging me to love writing.



- Write about a bad experience you have had with writing, How did this experience affect your attitudes toward writing?


  I am sorry to say that writing a diary for homework, despite how much I liked it, has something to do with my worst experience with writing. It was summer vacation and the same teacher assigned the homework as she have always done. But because of this overwhelming freedom, writing a diary was the last thing on my mind. Time flied fast, and soon it was a day before school started again. And that was when I realized the terrible truth. I had to write 60 pages in a single day! And of course I could not remember the events of each day so I started inventing things wildly. It was not long until l had run out of things to write about so I wrote similar topics over again in my biggest, most gigantic handwriting. I managed to finish them all, but my teacher was most displeased. Looking at her grim expression, I vowed never to put off until tomorrow what you can do today.



- Write about a pleasant experience you have had with writing, How did this experience affect your attitudes toward writing?


  I have an aunt who one day set off from home to pursuit her dream in becoming a nun. I missed her terribly and knew she must be lonely too. So I began to write to her once a week. I always wrote on the prettiest paper in my most neat handwriting. I wrote about my daily life, how our family is doing and how much I missed her. and my aunt always gave me a reply despite her tight schedule. She gave me full description of her life in convent and said however challenging it might be, it was worth it. We exchanged so many letters that I somehow felt closer to her than before she went to convent. I always pictured my aunt's brightly lit face upon receive receiving my letter while writing, and I don't ever remember writing anything as enthusiastically as that. I was an elementary student then and it still amazes me that I was able to write the amount of two or three pages every week. I learned that quality of a writing does not come from writer's skill or talent but from eagerness. I try to learn from my past experiences, and whenever I am depressed with some tough looking writing assignment, I recall my letter writing days with my aunt and soon realize all I need is my full attention.


  1. Haha! I know the feeling when I suddenly have a pile of homework that appeared on the last day of summer break. Good job on the questions. :)
    -Young Lee Seo

  2. The last story is beautiful. I envy you because I don't have a writing experience which is as pleasant as yours.


  3. I was like you too when I was little :P I had to write diaries of more than 30 days at the last day of my summer vacation lol
    -yeonsoo seo