Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hyeonbae Park / Attitude toward Writing / Tue 1 p.m.


 My Attitude toward Writing

 200801424 Park Hyeonbae


 As I believe, writing something must be very creative and thus interesting. And I also think that writing is interesting and my attitude toward writing is rather seeking for fun and joy, as long as it's not for only just getting some grade, credits, or any pressure from outside. I think that freewriting is the keyword among the argument about writing.

When I write something, I get to concentrate on it, and that makes me feel alive especially in my brain. It's very refreshing, charging and rejuvenating to think about what to write and concentrate on and how to handle with the expression. That must be an aspect of creation. It means that whenever I write something, I create something. That's very enjoyable, right?

Also, writing makes me put all my thoughts about what I'm writing by the moment on the text. Text is a kind of history and record; it's documentation. So, with reviewing the records I wrote, I can obtain somewhat old, but also new, which I left behind before. It's a discovery. When I wrote something, it was left as written. And time flied, then, someday, I got to find what I wrote. It contains what I concentrated on, what I was occupied with and what I considered most importantly at the moment that I was writing. That kinds of things are very reminding me of what I and my around were.

All my written things are the parts of mine. And those parts can make me more alive and rejuvenating. I like to writeespecially, in Korean, though, and without any due time.


  1. You seem to like writing a lot! But I'm also curious if there are some negative aspects of writing or your previous writing experience.


  2. Cool. It seems that you really enjoy writing itself.

    Joonseong Je